m333 ~~~ lols :P


lols πŸ˜› i duno wat to write but the wordpress advised me to write something in here..so i couldnt neglect it ..lol..

umm well am a normal girl like any other one πŸ˜› any of my frends will confirm it lol.. n only my frends visit on here…….so i dont think they need any intro πŸ˜‰



  1. Rizwana said,

    Hello Princess,
    You have a very impressive here. I am Rizwana. I am on my final year of the BSc Communication Studies at UOM. I am actually writing on The Mauritian Blogger for my final year thesis. I have a little request from you…would you agree to help me in completing it? well, kinda help me by filling in my survey questionnaire and having an interview with me. Your help will be very precious. Please to reply me soon.

    PS; will be dropping by your blog more often;p

  2. roushdat said,

    here they pay R300 per hour for such interviews lightpricess :p

  3. light princess said,

    hey hi :)…i have replied my mail….. πŸ™‚ sure i’ll try to help as best as i can πŸ™‚

    haha πŸ˜› unfortunately roush…..here pa pay 😦

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